The Arts Corp. is a contemporary art venue that specializes in residencies for international artists and the production of art projects and workshops engaging both local and international participants. The Fogo Island Arts Corporation is supported by Shorefast Foundation, a Canadian-registered charity using entrepreneurial methods to help secure prosperity for the region of Fogo Island and Change Islands.

4 DIMENSIONAL MAPPING is a locally rooted art project, an experimental workshop investigating the relationship between people and a place. Findings will be presented on digital and printed maps.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Canadian Art

Browsing the Fall edition of Canadian art, we just came across a very nice description of the project we undertook in Fogo Island:

"...Later, Gunnarsdottir gives me a present from the Arts Corporation: a publication the foundation produced, a booklet of an artist project called 4 dimensional mapping that she curated in August 2009.
The project included artists from France, Scotland and Switzerland, [rather anonymous, basically us and Erika Irmler] and involved local residents. It documented an investigation of the material culture of Fogo Island, and contained locals' verbatim descriptions of geographical markers and the sea, recipes of traditional dishes like Jiggs' dinner, drawings of local architecture and other cultural points of interest, photographical portraits of residents, and copies of postcards sent to Glasgow detailing aspects of the island life. In its careful documentation of the culture, the 4 dimensional mapping project was not so different from the careful documentation undertaken by the original Fogo Process."

Rock Haven, Fogo Island’s Newfoundland art-residency experiment
by Lisa Moore

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